This Week in Automotive History: June 25-July 1

June 25, 1956

Packard Plant Builds Last Car: Although production of Packard “badged” Studebakers continued in South Bend, the last true Packard was built at the Connor Avenue plant in Detroit.

June 26, 1906

First French Grand Prix: Sanctioned by the Automobile Club of France, the first Grand Prix race is held at Le Mans in Sarthe, France.

June 27, 1957

First Seatbelt Legislation Enacted in U.S.: Illinois leads the way in enacting seatbelt laws.

June 28, 1926

Daimler-Benz Formed: Daimler and Benz merge to form Daimler-Benz AG and market cars known as Mercedes-Benz.

June 29, 1958

Race of Two Worlds in Monza: For the second time, Indy cars and Indy drivers travel to Monza in Italy to face off against the best European cars and pilots on the banked circuit. Jim Rathman is the overall victor in a Watson-Offy after winning all three heats.

June 30, 1953

First Production Corvette: Although there had been prototypes built already, the first production Corvette rolls out of the Flint assembly plant on this day in 1953. Like its sisters, it used the Blue Flame six, automatic transmission and was finished in white with a red interior.

July 1, 2005

Final Ford Thunderbird Produced:  Built from 2002-2005, the eleventh generation Thunderbird shared a platform with the Lincoln LS and the Jaguar S-Type, and was powered by a Jaguar-designed 3.9 liter double-overhead camshaft V-8.

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