Gorgeously green Packard Twin Six steals the show on Jay Leno’s Garage

While Jay Leno’s Garage typically features a guest and a special car, this recent episode instead highlights one of Jay’s own special rides. Gorgeous in green, Jay’s 1932 Packard Twin Six holds a special place in his heart for multiple reasons.  

Believe it or not, the lovely Packard coupe was Jay’s first collector car purchase, bought in the mid-1980s. That alone endears a car to any enthusiast, but Jay feels strongly about this Packard largely because he bought it from famed American racer Phil Hill. A legend in the automotive world, Hill was the first American to win an Formula 1 world championship. He also had a restoration facility where this Packard got the full treatment.

Even if you’re not into Packards whatsoever, this video is worth a close watch for Jay’s stories about Phil Hill. It’s clear that he thought extremely highly of the old race driver and that the two were close friends.

Jay’s Twin Six has a host of interesting features, from the rumble seat to the adjustable suspension. Shifting gets an assist from a vacuum-operated clutch that engages on the steering wheel. Barely audible when running, the 12-cylinder engine runs smoothly and quietly, even while using all 160 horsepower.

A commanding car on modern roads, the Packard has no trouble keeping up with traffic. Jay enjoys driving a lot, saying that it was close to his daily driver at one point. With so many cars at his disposal, it’s pretty touching to see how much he still loves the car that kicked off his collection, especially because of the memories it conjures up of his friend Phil Hill.

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