Is a 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SL your Miracle Whip?

We’re starting to think that comedian Byron Bowers is never going to find his “forever car.” Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If he did, there’d be no more Miracle Whips. And nobody wants that.

In search of a ride that he can drive every day for the rest of his life, Bowers’ rents a silver 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SL through DriveShare, and he is instantly smitten. “It’s like the smoothest thing I’ve ever touched,” he says, “that I can talk about on camera.”

The German convertible “embodies class and style,” Bowers says. “It’s like a hammerhead and a great white made shark love and made a little shark baby.” (We’re fairly certain that is a compliment.) Bowers says the 280SL is perfect for Beverly Hills and claims, “You look pretty in this car, even if you’re not pretty. It’s like putting on makeup.”

Bowers admits the SL has its drawbacks too. For instance, “It’s not super fast, and it’s not super agile, either. It’s classic—a little too classic.” And, “I get plenty of looks from women—old women.” Later, he complains, “I wish the car had cup holders, I really do.”

So is the 280SL Bowers’ forever car? You have to ask? “Nein!” he says. Looks like it’s back to the drawing board.

Looking for your own Miracle Whip? Driveshare, available online or in the Apple App Store, is a great way to enjoy your dream car without having to purchase it. And if you already own a sweet ride, you can rent it and help finance your next project.

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