Documentaries tell the stories of the Green Hornet and Little Red Shelby Mustang prototypes

Green Hornet and Little Red

We’ve told their legendary stories. Now Barrett-Jackson has released documentaries about a pair of extraordinary Shelby Mustang experimental prototypes, known as the Green Hornet and Little Red. The cars, both meticulously restored by Craig Jackson, were built by Ford and Shelby American for R&D purposes. And while the two cars are forever linked, Barrett-Jackson takes a different approach to telling their video stories.

The first video, about EXP-500, appears to be the initial installment of what we presume will be a series of videos titled The Legend of the Green Hornet, hosted by Jackson. The first 2.5-minute segment focuses on the 1968 Mustang Shelby EXP-500’s Conelec electronic fuel injection system, and Jackson wastes little time telling us why it is historic.

“We hadn’t even landed a man on the moon yet,” Jackson says, “and there was a computer running this car.”

More advanced than the Lunar Rover, EXP 500 was the pet project of Shelby American’s Chief Engineer Fred Goodell and served as a glimpse into the future of American Muscle and Shelby performance.

Barrett-Jackson tells the story of the 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 EXP prototype in one fell swoop with a 43-minute video titled The Hunt for Little Red. Using multiple interviews and automotive experts, the documentary explains the car’s history, discovery, and return to public view after many assumed it had been destroyed long ago. If it sounds like a detective story, it is—literally—and started with the VIN and the hiring of a private eye to help track it down, if it was indeed out there.

“A lot of stuff has been written,” Jackson says, “and now it’s going to be rewritten.”

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