Celestiq aims to be the Cadillac of luxury EVs


Cadillac wishes to show you a future reminiscent of its past, a new vehicle fashioned in the same spirit as flagship sedans of its illustrious annals. The Celestiq is meant to evoke imagery of prewar, long-nose, V-16 Caddies, or the bespoke craftsmanship found on the coachbuilt 1957–1958 Eldorado Brougham. From many angles, the Celestiq makes good on this promise. EVs are often rendered as dull, minimalist, amorphic machines with interiors with all the hospitality of a park bench inside an Apple Store. Not so with the decadent flagship of General Motor’s Ultium platform, as the warmth of mid-century architectural and interior design influences make their way into this generously proportioned concept luxury sedan. In many ways, the concept is truly the Cadillac of luxury EVs.

That said, Cadillac is keeping silent on the Celestiq’s performance potential, instead focusing on the technology that makes luxury EVs so appealing: five screens, the primary one spanning the entire dashboard and sports a full 55-inches of diagonal length. The expansive screen even allows for control of ancillary items under the passenger’s domain, including electronic digital “privacy blinds,” which allows “passengers to enjoy video content while blocking it from the view of the driver.” Which is necessary, because drivers might be tempted to watch a movie after activating Ultra Cruise, the latest generation of its hands-free driving assistance.

The Celestiq sports a shape consistent with that of Cadillac’s most recent EV, the Lyriq SUV, but with the lower stance befitting a luxury sedan. The angular front end transitions to long, sweeping lines down the body (accented by elongated wraparound taillights), and end in a slightly rounded posterior oddly reminiscent of the Porsche 928.


The interior is pure Cadillac concept-car decadence, with the aforementioned technology wrapped in a soothing cocoon of decadent black and red leather, ash wood accents, and tranquil ambient lighting. Rear seat passengers get treated to Fleetwood Series 75–levels of luxury, with individual entertainment options all while nestled behind the privacy of the Celestiq’s large quarter window. There’s a lot to process here, but it all promises to surprise and delight.

While the Celestiq is currently just a concept, Cadillac says this flagship-in-the-making will become a production vehicle. Owners of the Tesla Model S, Porsche Taycan, Mercedes-EQ EQS, and the Lucid Air are likely Cadillac’s potential conquest customers, if such a thing matters in our world of limited supply and endless demand for luxury EVs. Availability and pricing information will come in the future, but odds are the Cadillac Celestiq will play in the same sandbox as the aforementioned ultra-premium luxury sedans. Watch this space for future updates.

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