Andrew and His New Jersey Mustang

The following story is one of the entries for Hagerty’s “Car Guy Search,” a campaign to find the star of our next “Car Guy” print ad.

Dear Hagerty,

I always see the cars that are completely restored getting all the attention! There are many of us who have collector cars and need insurance, even if we do not have a fully restored car. There are many cars that are in the process of restoration.

My car was manufactured in New Jersey, sold in New Jersey and I found it in New Jersey. It was sitting on the side of a local route near the beach with a “for sale” sign on it. I then searched for it the following week since it was late that night we passed it.

It was a 1966 six cylinder Mustang; later investigation told us that it was a limited edition “Sprint 200 Millionth Mustang.” The Mustang was home to various animals via the front wheel housing – I found nuts and stuff behind spring cover.

I drove the car for about four years with only minor work. My wife and I then fell on hard times, and the car sat in my garage for about tens years.

I am always told to rip out the six and throw in an eight, but I want the car as original as possible. Last year I replaced the starter, radiator, plugs, battery etc. It started!

The car received an engine rebuild, new exhaust system, transmission work, new brake system, etc. The next step is body work and some glass replacement. The mileage is low but the sheet metal suffered from exposure to the ocean air. Little did I know, that years later it would be on its way back to the road. We enjoy driving around locally, but feel a little out of place due to the lack of other older cars. We get waves and looks from people of all ages! My neighbor cheers when he sees the car coming out for a gallop. It reminds him of days past.

Newer Mustangs pass by and their occupants wave and sometimes rev their engines, maybe out of respect?

Why not show potential buyers of collectable insurance that you do not need a fully restored vehicle to take advantage of your company’s products?

“Your car may need work but your insurance doesn’t.”

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