1970 ‘Cuda and 1970 Challenger


1970 Plymouth ’Cuda  440

S/N BS23V0B178807

Rallye Red with black vinyl. 69,039 miles. Rally gauges, dual exhaust, AM 8-track. Slight paint imperfections over some creases, some cracks near the fender lips. Interior not great, but not horrible either. Scratches on the driver and passenger windows. Clean underhood and mags. Messy underneath. SOLD FOR $57,240.

A ‘Cuda will always bring more than the equivalent Challenger, primarily because their front end is much more attractive. However, this $20,000 pop over the Challenger to the left was really surprising. Sold by Russo & Steele Auctions, Monterey, CA; 8/17/02

1970 Dodge Challenger R/T 440

S/N JS23UOB320529

Plum Crazy with a black vinyl interior. 98,029 miles. 440/375 V-8, six-pack carburetion, Pistol Grip four-speed. Original build sheet. Complete restoration. Slight orange peel on paint, minor scratches on aluminum trim, sanding scratches on glass. Good panel fit, nicely detailed engine. SOLD FOR $37,206.

Challengers and ‘Cudas with high-performance packages have really soared in value during the past two years. They are handsome cars, easy to take care of and more fun to drive than the larger Road Runners and Chargers. Sold by Kruse International Auctions; Dallas, TX; 11/22/02.


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