You be the judge of Sylvester Stallone’s stretched Escalade, on offer for $350K

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Becker Automotive Design

Sylvester Stallone has an impressive collection of high-end automobiles that’d pass muster with any street judge in fictional city-state—or a non-fictional municipality, for that matter. Even those who dreaded the wiener-dog-like Chevrolet Trailblazer EXT will appreciate Sly’s Cadillac Escalade customized by Becker Automotive Design.

The Escalade’s extended wheelbase, plus-sized B-pillar, and elongated rear doors give the impression of a proper limousine, not simply a luxurious family hauler. And it never hurts an uber-luxe SUV to possess a decadent interior hand-picked by Rocky/Rambo himself. Even better, the whole affair can now be yours for the tidy sum of $350,000!

Becker Automotive Design

Becker certainly knows how to kit out an Escalade; this is quite the nice space for any commute. Custom carpets, bright white leather everywhere (even the headlining?), LED lights, and seats that are both diamond pleated and perforated and that sport contrasting piping. The third-row captain’s chairs fully recline and feature pull-out tables for an experience that’s beyond first-class. As Sly himself noted, “the on-board electronics and ride quality are second to none.”

Becker Automotive Design

Aside from upgrades worthy of a high-end home theater, mobile office technology (that’s a nice Zoom background!), and a proclaimed “military spec” onboard router, note the duplicate Cadillac CUE interface within the Japanese-ash-inlaid console. That bit of OEM engineering is a hat-tip to the redundant audio controls present within the Fleetwood Series 75 limousines of the Cadillac/Fisher Body era.

Becker Automotive Design

No doubt this custom Escalade is beyond cool and has super star provenance, but does Becker Automotive Design’s creation stand on its own? 350 grand isn’t chump change for most, but odds are those leather guts smell and feel just as luxurious as they look. The only question remains whether the upper echelons of Cadillac Escalade ownership include a depreciation curve as treacherous as that suggested by the more pedestrian examples languishing in used car lots.

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