Universal Studios DeLorean for sale: 1.21 gigawatts not included

Prop Store is auctioning off a 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 built into a replica of the famous time machine in 1985’s Back to the Future. It was used as a promotional item at Universal Studios Florida in 2011–12 and appears to have all of the correct modifications, including time circuits that produce the correct sound effects. There’s also a smoke machine to emit just the right amount of foggy haze from the rear vents and hover wheels so you don’t roads.

Granted we’re not physicists here, and we just dabble in time travel, but the Flux Capacitor seems to be fully operational, fluxing as intended. The Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor also appears to be functional, ready to turn your kitchen scraps and yard waste into clean nuclear power for carbon-neutral time travel. Before you bid, know that the Mr. Fusion won’t allow you to drive in California’s carpool lanes as a single occupant, as it’s still the 2.8-liter PRV V-6 that powers the wheels. Consider that if you’re planning to purchase and import the DeLorean from England.

If you’d rather have something that was used in the actual film and your budget is a bit smaller, Prop Store is also auctioning off the OUTATIME license plate that was used in the movie’s production. And Doc Brown’s wind-up Cadillac toy. Original concept art is also available for bid in case you have an empty spot on your wall that needs a significant pop culture upgrade. An 11×13-inch color pencil concept drawing of the DeLorean time machine by Ron Cobb shows one of the earliest versions of the Back to the Future car and its exterior hardware, while other drawings show the intricate details of the busy cockpit.

There are a few other pieces of Back to the Future memorabilia set for the auction on  September 20, and pieces like these doesn’t come around too often. Unless, of course, you have a time machine.

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