Today on eBay: April 19

1968 Corvette Stingray Coupe (VIN 194378S410396): Sold 4/19/12 for $14,500. This car started out life as a 427 4-speed car of unspecified horsepower and now runs a 350 (also of unstated horsepower or origin). It’s also a color change from British Green to Rally Red. Some 1968 date-coded engine parts were included. Said to run well and seller states no frame rust in spite of rust-belt history of Illinois and Rhode Island. Very well sold, we think, for a color-changed NOM early C3.

1965 Ford Mustang Fastback Coupe (VIN 5R09A243841): Sold 4/19/12 for $26,000. Almost nonexistent description from a Spell-Check-challenged seller and a few partial pictures. Said to be an A-Code Rangoon Red GT with all the goodies like Pony interior, rally wheels and fog lights. This was strong #3 money for a car with a lot of unanswered questions that hopefully the buyer got answers to before hitting “Buy it Now.”

1978 Toyota Corolla Coupe (VIN TE31324897): Sold 4/19/12 for $3,423. A very original, very clean 126,000-mile (that could have been represented as 26,000 miles) Oregon car. Pacific NW cars are preservation class sleepers (they don’t salt, and they don’t get enough sun to cook interiors). Earlier model Corollas have brought ten times this at auction. The autobox was a minor detraction. Given the interest in early Japanese cars, we’d have to call this one reasonably well bought.

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