This or That: Volvo station wagon edition


For a longroof enthusiast, this is a great week to be car shopping. We found not one but two super-clean Swedish wagons in search of new owners on Bring a Trailer. Whether your preference is the boxy 1990s or the curvy ’60s, keep that checkbook close by, Volvo fans. We found both versions, and the team has been debating which would be a cooler ride. Now we need your help to settle it. Here are the choices:

The Classic

1967 Volvo 122S Wagon
1967 Volvo 122S Wagon BaT / MattKells

Presented in delightful blue-over-gray paint with black interior, this 1967 Volvo 122S wagon has all the classic lines you could ask for—especially the long roofline. The longitudinal-mounted, 1.8-liter inline-four provides adequate pep, routed to a four-speed manual transmission. Photos from the auction listing show the car during a recently completed restoration.

Still, it’s not perfect, and for an old Volvo that makes it perfect. A wagon to haul friends, materials, or whatever else one might cram inside the split hatch. Unpretentious and unique, this curvy family-hauler looks ready to cruise or cross the country. The seller does, however, note that the overdrive needs some attention before you go hitting the open road.

The Modern

1993 Volvo 240 Classic LE Wagon
1993 Volvo 240 Classic LE Wagon BaT / RbugM

It seems an odd thing to fixate on, but the fact this 1993 Volvo 240 has a plain-old roof makes it special. The roof rack that is so common on boxy ’90s Volvo wagons was a dealer-installed option, and people went crazy for them. This red example was purchased new by the seller and now shows a well-seasoned 251,000 miles. The plaque on the dash indicates the wagon is limited edition number 807 of the 1600 such examples produced in ’93. The Limited Edition features include wood dashboard trim, body color headlight trim and grille, and special wheels.  

The 2.3-liter four-cylinder and five-speed manual are known for their reliability, and the chassis has a reputation for being a tank. With that being said, the seller says the Volvo’s frame got a little adjustment, likely following a front-end collision. With the way boxy Volvos are headed, even a frame correction might not mean this squeaky-clean wagon is a bad buy.

The Choice

1993 Volvo 240 Classic LE Wagon low front 3/4
1993 Volvo 240 Classic LE Wagon BaT / RbugM
1967 Volvo 122S Wagon front 3/4
1967 Volvo 122S Wagon BaT / MattKells

With those two great wagons available at the same time, there comes a time to choose, and we’re split on which one we would take home. Which of these Volvos would be your choice? Leave a comment in the forums below that includes your pick and an explanation of why you chose it.


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