2017 Ford GT sells for $1.65M, Mecum says judge approved sale

All eyes at last weekend’s Mecum’s Indy auction were on the silver 2017 Ford GT, which was bid to a hefty price of $1.65 million ($1.815M with premium). That’s more than triple the original MSRP of $450,000, which means the seller can fill that garage space with several rather fat stacks of Benjamins.

Despite the Blue Oval’s public insistence that owners of the new Ford GT supercar signed documents agreeing to not sell the car for a period of two years, Mecum made a big show of guaranteeing the car came with no legal strings attached.

“The judge did rule in Mecum’s favor that we can sell this car,” Dana Mecum said at the event, as a video from YouTube channel beistheman shows. “And if Ford wanted it back, they’re welcome to come here and bid on it.”

Shots fired, indeed.

Actor John Cena made headlines when he sold his Ford GT and broke an agreement not to, according to Ford. As a result, Cena was treated to a lawsuit courtesy of Ford, which Cena’s lawyers rebutted with a motion to dismiss back in February. While neither party has publicly discussed the result of the suit, it’s clear Mecum has confidence in its own legal status to sell the car. In Dana’s estimation at least, “This is America. You can buy and sell what you want!”

This is the first new Ford GT that has hit the open market for bidding, and its strong performance bested our estimates by north of $500,000. Given that huge figure, we have to expect at least one or two owners will decide to sell at the upcoming auctions during Monterey Car Week in August.

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