This Austrian’s huge VW Golf collection is more than on par for the course

Josef Juza loves Golf. He even utilizes the services of a Caddy on a regular basis. Not that he’d ever need one on a golf course. That’s because Juza’s affection isn’t for the sport, it’s for Volkswagen Golfs. He owns 114 of them. And it all started with that Caddy.

Juza began collecting VW Golfs after developing an affection for the European-spec VW Caddy, which he drives on the job as a chimney sweep in Austria. He purchased a basic Golf for his family, a Cabrio for summer, a GTI for fun, and a Golf Country for winter weather—“the right Golf for every occasion.”

His love for the Golf picked up steam after he purchased an Mk1 Golf with dovetail spoiler while attending a car show in the mid-1990s. His collection now fills a warehouse near Vienna.

“When I sat in a Golf for the first time I just had the feeling that this car had been built for me alone,” Juza told “The seat position, driving fun, everyday usability—it was all exactly as I like it.”

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Juza’s collection—which he calls the “Golf Pack”—ranges from common models to the rare and unusual. The oldest is a 1974 pre-production Golf fitted with a forward-sliding door. He also owns two early all-electric Golfs (CityStromer I and II) and one of only 71 hand-built Golf G60 Limited models that were constructed by Volkswagen Motorsport. The G60 carries a supercharged four-cylinder engine that generates 207 horsepower.

Among the most unusual Golfs in Juza’s warehouse is a first-generation GTI that was customized by a German tuner for a Middle Eastern sheikh. Among the car’s features: wood inserts, top-grain leather, and a car phone, an extravagant addition in the 1980s. “You were the king of the disco with a Golf like this,” Juza says.

The Austrian chimney sweep plans to open his collection to the public by turning it into a Golf museum next spring. No need to call ahead for a tee time.

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    Can you please give me an email address for Josef Juza, Vw collector? I have a Vw golf r cabriolet, first off the production line, and think he may be interested in it for his collection.

    If you could pass my email address if you are unable to share his details.

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