Auction Pick of the Week: 2005 Ford GT

Marketplace/Ryan Merrill

Celebrating Ford’s 100th anniversary, the 2005–2006 Ford GT supercar is one of the most coveted American vehicles of the modern era. Updating the look of the 24 Hours of Le Mans–winning Ford GT40, designer Camilo Pardo left no doubt that his creation is a Ford GT. Though the lines may be familiar, under the aluminum-and-composite skin is a thoroughly modern machine.

The Ford GT was a direct competitor to European supercars like Ferraris and Lamborghinis. With an original price of $139,995, Hagerty’s editor-in-chief, Larry Webster, tested the Ford GT in a 2004 and Car and Driver comparison test and proclaimed, “We know of only one car that would surely outrun the Ford—the $659,000 Ferrari Enzo.

2005 Ford GT side profile
Marketplace/Ryan Merrill
2005 Ford GT interior
Marketplace/Ryan Merrill

Only 2027 copies of the 2005 Ford GT were made. This car, from the Hendricks Collection at the Gateway Museum in Colorado, has just 8238 miles on the odometer. It sports the 550-horsepower, dry sump, 5.4-liter alloy V-8 with a twin-screw supercharger—signed by the two engine builders, “hand built with pride,” it says—and a Ricardo six-speed manual transmission.

Painted the desirable Mark IV red with red Brembo brake calipers on the drilled discs, the car wears twin white stripes from front to rear, ending just above the center-mounted, stainless-steel dual exhaust outlets. Those stripes are joined by smaller twin white ones on the doors.

Z-rated Goodyear radials are mounted on forged BBS 18-inch factory wheels, a $4000 option. Inside, between the Ebony leather seats, there’s a McIntosh sound system, which was also a $4000 option. There were only four factory options available in 2005; this car has all of them.

According to the CarFax, which is supplied with the listing, this Ford GT was involved in a front-end collision in September of 2015, apparently not serious enough for the airbags to deploy. It was professionally repaired.

Bidding ends Thursday, August 3 at 3:30 p.m. ET.



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    I have never purposedly set out to own a Ford (although IIRC, I’ve owned two), but if I had a mind to do so, this might be a car that would tempt me. Fortunately for all of the bidders out there, my “discretionary funds jar” is a BIT light right now. 😂

    If I could afford this car, I would spend the money to register it in a state that didn’t require front tags.

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