Graph of the Week: The Most Searched Foreign Cars on Hagerty Valuation Tools

So far in 2016, these are the foreign cars whose values the most people have searched on Hagerty Valuation Tools (HVT). Search traffic on HVT is just one way to gauge interest in buying or selling a particular vehicle. The most searched cars at a given time also tend to be cars that have seen big recent changes in value. Right away, looking at 2016’s most-searched cars reveals a pattern. Eight out of 10 are German.

With any analysis of the classic car market lately, it’s hard to get away from Porsche, and half of the most searched foreign cars on HVT come from that company. Prices for 911s in particular surged over the last couple of years, and while they are softening, values remain high, and people are keeping an eye on them as they contemplate buying and/or selling. 

As for the 944, it’s gained appreciation as a modern collectible and values have increased significantly, but it remains an affordable sports car with mass appeal. The Beetle, meanwhile, has always had mass appeal. Like the Ford Mustang, it’s one of those timeless and instantly recognizable cars that many people are always going to be interested in buying and checking how much it’s worth. For the most part, though, it’s the cars that have had the biggest price changes this year, rather than the most common cars, that have seen the most people searching for their values.

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