Graph of the Week: Most quoted late model cars for high-end collectors

People who own cool old cars tend to own cool new cars, too. A look at the most common newer cars being quoted by top-level collectors—those with $250,000 or more worth of automobiles—from January 2015 to the present confirms this. By “newer”, we mean less than four years old at the time of the quote.

Limited production and extremely expensive cars like the Porsche 918 and the LaFerrari mostly appeal to brand-loyal collectors. In other words, a Porsche 918 buyer typically has several other Porsches in the garage and LaFerrari buyers tend to have several other Ferraris. To even buy the LaFerrari new, you need to have owned several Ferraris before already.

Some of the other cars on the graph, meanwhile, don’t appeal as much to brand-specific collectors and are more often quoted by people with a more diverse group of cars. These include cars like the McLaren, which is built by a company that hasn’t been involved in volume production for very long. As for cars like the Corvette, Challenger Hellcat and Ferrari 458, these are higher volume cars that generally have a much wider appeal that happens to also include the collectors at the top of the market.

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