Graph of the Week: The Most Popular Foreign Classics by Country of Origin

Measured by quotes at Hagerty so far in 2015, these are the most popular foreign classics for each of the major car-producing countries outside of the U.S. Insurance quotes are a good way to gauge interest in particular makes and models because they show what people are buying or looking  to  buy at  the moment.

The top cars for Germany and England aren’t surprising given the sheer number of examples produced (21 million Beetles and 400,000 MGBs). With so many examples to choose from and strong parts availability, these cars have huge enthusiast followings and will continue to be classics with mass appeal.

That the Alfa Romeo and Fiat Spiders are popular also isn’t a shock for the same reasons, but the Testarossa stands out since it’s both more expensive and rarer than the 308, another increasingly popular 1980s Ferrari.

The Japanese cars represent another interesting point in looking at current interest. More people are starting to look at cars like the Miata and RX-7 as collectible, and since cars of the 1980s and 1990s are becoming increasingly popular among collectors and many of those cars hail from Japan, interest in Japanese classics seems to have nowhere to go but up. Five years from now, expect the Japanese numbers to look similar to the German figures.


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