Graph of the Week: This Year’s Hottest Cars by Hagerty Valuation Tools Search Traffic

By any account, 2015 has been a huge year for the classic car market. We have seen massive auction results and stupefying value increases in some segments, as well as a gradual leveling off of prices for other cars. Since Hagerty Valuation Tools (HVT) are such a popular way to keep an eye on value changes and current prices for collector cars, examining what vehicles people are looking at in HVT highlights some of the year’s most in-demand cars.

From a valuation standpoint, the car people have been talking about more than any other in 2015 is the Porsche 911. Many versions of the 911 continued to march upward in value for much of this year, and it was a trend that made headlines and resulted in a number of record-setting prices. It should seem only natural, then, that four of the 10 cars on this graph are 911s. And as 911 prices marched upward, people began to look at the market for cheaper Porsches like the 914 and the 912 as well.

As for cars like the Mercedes-Benz 560SLBMW M3 and Acura NSX, 2015 has also been a big year for modern classics as it’s been one of the hottest segments in terms of value increases even as other segments have slowed down. Modern classics and Porsche 911 have been the buzzwords of the market this year, and these big changes in search traffic corroborate that.

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