Five future million-dollar club members

There’s something about crossing the million-dollar threshold in terms of a collector car’s “arrival” as a true blue chipper. Here are five that we think will join the illustrious legion of cars with a seven-figure price tag. Some are closer than others to that magic mark, but we predict all will make it there eventually.

  1. Mercedes Benz 300SL Roadster: The 300SL roadster was one of the few anomalies in the collector car world in which the open car was worth less than the coupe. In this case, the coupe is the iconic 300SL Gullwing (the best examples of which recently began to surpass the million-dollar mark). Lately, the roadster has closed the gap somewhat, and it’s far more user-friendly in terms of getting in and out and not roasting on a warm day. The best examples are getting perilously close to regularly bringing one mil.
  2. C3 Corvette L88 convertible: The super rare C2 (1967) L88s are already breaking a million, but with the recent sale of a 1969 L88 convertible for $800,000, we have to guess that the 1968-69 L88 convertibles will be million-dollar cars in the next several years. A 500-plus horsepower ’Vette that was never meant for ordinary civilians? It’s the ultimate dual-purpose road/race Corvette.
  3. Aston Martin DB5: The DB5 is never out of the spotlight. It keeps turning up in James Bond film, and the David Brown-era Aston Martins are nearly as hot as Enzo-era Ferraris. For devotees, there is no substitute for a DB5. Recent sales have begun to trend north of $750,000, and it’s only a matter of time before they take the next jump.
  4. Ferrari 250 GT Lusso: Like the 300SL roadster, the Lusso is knocking on the door of the club, and it’s about to be shown the secret handshake. With the continued climb of the 250 California Spyder and the 250 Short Wheelbase Berlinetta, this, the prettiest of the 250s, seems to be a shoe-in.
  5. Porsche Carrera GS Speedster: This one has the furthest to climb of any in the group, but with the incredible strength of the Porsche market and the rarity and desirability of the model, the Carrera seems to be a good bet. Pure competition cars of the era — 550 Spyder, RS61, 904 — that shared the same four-cam Carrera engine have already made the leap. The Carrera Speedster is fast, iconic, extremely rare and eligible for almost any A-list event on the planet. It is certainly conceivable that it could double in value over the next five years.
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