1985 Chrysler LeBaron Wagon, formly Frank Sinatra’s, up for sale


The name Frank Sinatra generally conjures imagery of slick suits, smokey nightclubs, and smooth lyrics—definitely not turbocharged 1985 Chrysler LeBaron Town and Country Wagons. Believe it or not, the aforementioned woody estate wagon was the famous crooner’s final car, and it could be yours when auctioned off this upcoming February.  

The pale yellow wagon appears to be in excellent condition, with no body rust or “simulated wood” delamination that seems all-to-common among these cars. Inside, the seats are adorned with Iacocca’s finest corinthian leather and immaculately kept carpets. And while extremely clean, the photograph taken from the rear hatch does show some headliner sag, lest you forget that this is indeed a K-car. Other notable features include an aftermarket stereo head unit and two cassettes: Frank Sinatra Trilogy and the Elvis Christmas Album. A fitting soundtrack selection, indeed.

1985 Chrysler LeBaron Town and Country Wagon
1985 Chrysler LeBaron Town and Country Wagon H&H
1985 Chrysler LeBaron Town and Country Wagon side profile
1985 Chrysler LeBaron Town and Country Wagon H&H

1985 Chrysler LeBaron Town and Country Wagon rear floor
1985 Chrysler LeBaron Town and Country Wagon H&H

On February 2, 2019, Frank’s final car will be offered at H&H Classics’ first online-only auction, providing the chance to own a piece of Sinatra history. Granted, we question just how significant the Sinatra name will be when the digital gavel declares this car sold. Celebrity ownership can be hit and miss when it comes to auction results, as Hagerty Vehicle Data Specialist Greg Ingold explains. “Generally speaking, celebrity owners need to be established car enthusiasts to really provide a significant increase in value. Not only that, but the car for sale must also fit their image. In this case, I think we’ll see a minimal bump due to Sinatra’s ownership.”

A similar 1986 Chrysler Limousine owned by Sinatra sold for $16,000 in 2015, but it was decidedly more abused—with scratches, dents, and dings that this woody wagon lacks. With that said, a pristine 1985 Chrysler LeBaron Town and Country Wagon would normally go for as much as $10,000. With the ownership factor included, Hagerty’s valuation team estimates the car will fetch somewhere in the ballpark of $30,000, with $50K being the figurative ceiling.

Per H&H, Frank was chauffeured around Las Vegas in this Chrysler wagon during his final decade, the perfect nondescript get-around car for a decidedly high-profile personality. Will it be enough to propel the wagon to a respectable sale figure? Possibly. But if not, That’s Life.

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