eBay Find of the Week: 1990 VW DOKA Syncro Camper

1990 VW DOKA Syncro Camper

VW Vans have a rabid following. Prices of camper versions, most famously the Westfalia pop-top versions, are sky-high these days. There are new websites dedicated to the lifestyle these vans promise (#vanlife) that are popping up every week.

This eBay listing offers the flexibility of a VW van with the added promise of go-anywhere all-wheel drive and the utility of a pickup truck. The condition, accessories, and low mileage of this rig should also generate a record-setting price. The no-reserve listing was already bid north of $32,000 with a couple of days left to go on the auction.

There appear to be a number of modifications to the rear cabin bulkhead and roof to accommodate the camper conversion. Interior photos document the pass-through from the cabin to the camper clearly; this was obviously not a simple bolt-on addition.

Rarely seen in the U.S., this European import 1990 Syncro DOKA (VW-speak for a four-wheel- drive crew-cab pickup) is equipped with two interchangeable bed toppers, one of which is a full-on sleeper camper. As long as you aren’t in a hurry to get to your destination, this looks like an amazingly versatile setup sure to make the next owner the talk of the campground and/or music festival.

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