Barn-find Buick Grand National “twins” pop up for sale on eBay

Barn finds are near and dear to our hearts, and a gem of one is adding a new chapter to its story. Last year, news emerged about a pair of sequentially numbered 1987 Buick Grand Nationals, which were found after a long period of storage. At the time, they were supposedly sold through private hands for an unknown amount, though the asking price of $200,000 for the matched set certainly generated substantial online discussion.

Well, now the twin Buick Grand Nationals are again for sale, this time on eBay Motors. With a few days left in the auction, bidding activity is heavy, with over 120 bids and reserve not yet met at just north of $145,000. This should be interesting to watch. In hindsight, was last year’s asking price of $200,000 reasonable? Are two really better than one?

1987 Buck Grand Nationals covered in dust found in a barn
William Avila
1987 Buck Grand Nationals interior
William Avila

1987 Buck Grand Nationals drivers seat interior
William Avila
1987 Buck Grand Nationals found in a barn
William Avila

“If these do sell, these prices are most likely outliers in the GM market due to this pair’s relative celebrity and the rarity of finding a matched set,” says Greg Ingold, Hagerty valuation specialist (and self-proclaimed GM aficionado). A regular low-mile concours-condition Grand National has been valued at around $50,000 for a while. At the current bid price, these are each now priced closer to a nice GNX, a much rarer version of the famed G-body Buick.

Hagerty’s suggested values for the Grand National have been flat to slightly down over the past year. While it still looks like the ideal car for Darth Vader’s Florida retirement, its 245 horsepower just doesn’t excite the public that much in a world filled with 300-hp minivans. We think they still have a particular air of cool, but we will hold our collective breath to see if these sell for the high price the seller is undoubtedly seeking.

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