eBay Find of the Week: 1991 Honda CRX Si

Honda was a hot brand in the 1980s and early ’90s and, from a product perspective, it could seemingly do little wrong. The Accord was the default Japanese family car for suburban Americans, and the Civic came in different flavors for every taste.

Civic sedans were roomy, reliable, and easy to live with, especially with luxuries like power steering (something the two-door hatchback version didn’t have). Still, the hatchback had the practicality of a larger car, and there was even a sporty Si option for the three-door four-seater. It was the even sportier two-seat CRX (like this one) that caught the attentions of young enthusiasts in the day.

Perhaps intended to prove the point that front-wheel-drive and fun weren’t mutually exclusive, these small and light cars broke the classic sports car mold and succeeded in stealing many hearts. They were simple cars, but the details seemed just right. The low hood and dash offered a panoramic view, the engine loved to rev, and there was little argument about who made the best manual shifters on the planet.

1991 Honda CRX si front
1991 Honda CRX si rear quarter detail

1991 Honda CRX si engine
1991 Honda CRX si interior

The Honda CRX rewarded enthusiastic drivers while remaining economical commuters for the daily slog. Honda even offered different engine options. Aside from the base DX, there was a fuel-sipping HF with only 72 horsepower, and the sporting Si, whose 1.6-liter 16-valve engine offered 108 hp to propel the sub-2000-pound car.

Alas, original and unmodified CRX Sis are rare today, due to their fun reputation and penchant for modifications. That’s what caught our attention about this week’s eBay find.

Offered with no reserve, this car appears to have been left in unmolested condition. The seller claims it is rust free, mechanically stock, and has only 69,000 miles from new. The only obvious imperfection appears to be the sunroof panel, which was replaced with one from a different car and doesn’t match. That’s more easily remedied than rust or heavy modifications, which this car doesn’t have.

At the time of this writing, bidding was at $4,550 with more than five days remaining. This should be an interesting one to watch—and perhaps pounce on.

1991 Honda CRX si rear 3/4
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