eBay Find of the Week: 1976 Chevy Vega wagon

1976 Chevy Vega wagon

The Chevrolet Vega rarely seems to come up in a conversation about collectible cars–unless you mention the uncommon Cosworth. True, more than two million Vegas were built from 1971–77. But it is becoming increasingly difficult to find them in the wild.

So it was quite a surprise to find this mostly original 1976 Chevrolet Vega Kammback wagon with only 16,000 miles. Better yet, it’s a 2-door wagon with manual transmission, a body style (and transmission) nearly extinct in 2017.

Early Vegas’ mechanical and rust issues are well documented. Some say the model nearly killed General Motors (it wasn’t until Saturn arrived in the late 1980s that the company actually seemed to be trying to make interesting small cars again). However, later Vega models had improved engines, better rustproofing, and maintained the comfort and handling traits that earned the car substantial praise when it first launched.

So this is an interesting car for students of the American automotive industry. It’s rare—and likely a great conversation starter. What do you think? Is the $8,900 “Buy It Now” price overly optimistic or a fair number for what must be one of the nicest original Vegas left on the planet?

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