‘Different horses for different courses’

I got the question again last week, not once, but twice: “What’s your favorite car?” My stock answer used to be, “The next one,” but as I have grown up − I mean, refined my taste − I now usually reply with the answer my friend Donald Osborne uses: “Different horses for different courses.” I like that. While you might not want to take the Bentley to a cruise night, showing up at the country club in a rat rod might not make the best impression, either.

If I only had one collector car, as most do, you might find that a Sunday drive in the Torino, Chevelle or old pickup is fun at a pace you can control.

Since I am fortunate to have more than one, I might default to a convertible on what promises to be a rain-free day, or something with plenty of horsepower if I’m feeling a bit, well, feisty.

The perfect collector car is the one you own that makes you happy. How tough is that choice, anyway?

Independent appraiser and senior ASA member David H. Kinney is a renowned market expert who writes regular columns for AUTOMOBILE, AutoWeek, Hagerty, and Octane magazines, and contributes to the New York Times.

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