Classic Classified: 1978 Porsche 924

From: Hemmings Motor News
Date: March 1989
Price then: $6,000 ($11,500 adjusted for inflation – about the cost of a new 2015 Nissan Versa today)
Price now: $3,000 – $14,400
Approximate dollar difference: $3,000 (assuming No. 1 condition)
Approximate annual rate of return: .08%

PORSCHE: 1978 924, low miles, new red paint, S-spoiler, $6,000 or best offer.

Over the past year, the Porsche market has been extremely hot. 911’s of almost every year have been noticing gains in value, but what about the Porsches with the engine up front and not cooled by air? Well, these have been maintaining fairly steady pricing with few upticks in value. That is very good for the entry level Porsche collector today and is evident in the case of this 924. The price hasn’t gone up noticeably higher than the rate of inflation. The good news is that the owner isn’t out anything beyond maintenance costs.

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