Classic Classified: 1970 American Motors AMX 390/325hp

From: Car Collector and Car Classics

Date: January 1980

Price then: $6,800 ($19,300 adjusted for inflation – about the cost of a new 2014 Ford Fusion SE sedan today)

Price now: $18,800 – $58,500

Approximate dollar difference: $39,000 (assuming #1 condition)

Approximate annual rate of return: 3.2%

1970 AMX 390, four-speed, 20,000 original miles, fully equipped. New lacquer paint, medium tan metallic with yellow stripe, black interior. Excellent condition. $6,800.

The AMX is a funky muscle car that is often overlooked in favor of similar cars from the Big Three. Back in 1980 this car was about $500 less than a new Z/28 Camaro with a 305 V-8 that had about half the horsepower. While a new Z/28 or Trans Am were all the rage at the time, this would have been a car for the enthusiast who was looking to embarrass either of those cars at the stoplight. Today, the AMX remains a car that appeals to a certain niche of muscle car enthusiasts, still making a greaty buy for the performance.

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