eBay find of the Week: Brown diesel wagon with a stick


Vintage trucks and SUVs are rising stars in the collector car community. As new SUVs become increasingly more popular as compared to cars, their early predecessors are drawing attention as well. We’ve seen Jeep Grand Wagoneers sell for extravagant sums and Toyota Land Cruisers have been sky-high for a while, as well. So, when we see something different (and potentially still affordable) it catches our eye.

The International Harvester Scout was first introduced in 1960 as a very basic off-road capable vehicle. Let’s be honest, the concept of a “luxury SUV” was still decades away and these were spartan, but robust, vehicles. The model became a bit more comfortable as it evolved into the Scout II in 1971.

This 1980 Scout II Traveler represents the model’s final production year. As a Traveler, it has a longer wheelbase than the base model but retained the removable fiberglass top. Hey, it’s a convertible as well! This one doesn’t have the optional third-row seat but does have a correct Nissan-sourced turbo-Diesel engine. We’re drawn to the period-correct brown exterior, plaid upholstery and door trim, stripes and four-speed manual transmission. Who says collector cars can’t be family-friendly and practical as well?

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