Automotive Mascots

Mascots, or hood ornaments, are among the most popular of automotive collectibles due to their diversity, uniqueness and affordability, although rare examples can become a bit pricey.

Here are three particularly interesting examples that recently came to market:

Schneider MascotSchneider Trophy Seaplane Mascot. Offered by Bonham’s at their Greenwich auction on June 7, 2009. The Schneider Trophy was an international air race that was held twelve times between 1913 and 1931 and took place in France, Italy, England, and the United States. The event ended when Great Britain won the event for the third consecutive time, thus retaining the trophy in perpetuity. Numerous examples of the winning Supermarine seaplane were offered in the era with this being one of the more common. Sold For: $2,530, including 22 percent buyer’s premium. 


Corning MascotCorning Glass Mascot “Daughter” Hood Ornament. Offered by eBay and sold June 4, 2009. This piece was also known as the “Goddess of Smoke” as it was originally used as the center of an ashtray. The threads can easily be adapted to fit a radiator cap and they are now commonly accepted as hood ornaments. Corning also made a larger example know as “Mother.” Sold For: $125.



Propeller Hood OrnamentRadial Engine with Propeller Hood Ornament. Offered by eBay and sold June 2. This unique hood ornament would be secured to a radiator cap with a Moto-Meter or accessory piece as noted in the photograph. A light could be inserted in the engine area that would shine through the slits in the cowl. This is a particularly large and impressive mascot. Sold For: $333.

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