This modified 1975 Trans Am is pro-touring perfection

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Some cars just tick all the right boxes. We’ve all experienced it: You’re scrolling through for-sale listings and a car makes you stop and do a double take. The most recent ride that arrested our routine scrolling is this pro-touring 1975 Pontiac Trans Am on Bring a Trailer. While it looks like a pretty standard Trans Am with 18-inch wheels, a closer look reveals much more.

This Trans Am is the handiwork of well-known collector car dealer RK Motors, whose custom shop in Charlotte, North Carolina, completed the build in 2017. While many pro-touring builds tend to be stylistically over-the-top, RK opted for a mostly stock appearance inside and out. Aside from a few well-earned scuffs on the console, the interior still looks like new and is complete with an eight-track deck. The exterior’s most conspicuous upgrade are the Rally II-style rims. The car’s subtle aesthetic treatment, however, is juxtaposed with thoroughly modernized steering, brakes, and suspension. Other upgrades include rack-and-pinion steering, an all-new front subframe and suspension from Detroit Speed, and, to cap it all off, a massive set of Baer brakes.


Underneath the hood is where RK Motors’ shop really went wild. LS power is the obvious choice for most custom builders since the horsepower-per-dollar ratio is impossible to beat. To the relief of Pontiac purists everywhere, though, the Trans Am still has real Pontiac power to motivate it—that’s what sets it apart from most pro-touring builds. The Trans Am’s standard 400-cubic-inch power plant received some love, however, with a Butler Performance 461 stroker kit and MSD Atomic EFI fuel injection. The new combination now makes a healthy 479 hp and 594 lb-ft of torque, mandating a beefy Tremec TKO600 to keep the driveline in one piece. To our disappointment, the seller did not include a video of the car running in the listing to show off the sweet cam chop this thing must have.


Without a doubt, this is the coolest Trans Am currently on the market, and we want it badly. Should you feel the same way, bidding for this Trans Am ends on Monday, September 21.

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