This 2000 Hummer H1 camper build is a social-distancing dream machine

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Cars and Bids

It seems like all too obvious of a combination, but this 2000 AM General Hummer H1 with a slide-in camper makes for one of the most logical and functional overlanding combinations ever. We recently unearthed this build on Cars and Bids, where some lucky fellow picked up the Hummer for less than $40K.

Every pickup model you can think of has shouldered one of these camping units like a hermit crab at some point, but the massive H1 is a particularly suitable candidate. Thanks to the H1’s wide track, the camper’s sides sit flush with the truck’s body. The result is a significant improvement over the muffin-top effect produced by typical pickups bearing slide-in rigs.

The reason for the H1’s abnormally wide stance? The Hummer’s body wraps around its centrally-mounted powertrain, which tucks up and away from the critical angles of the Hummer. This arrangement improves approach and breakover angles by keeping the engine and radiator away from the bumper—the entire driveline hangs above the frame. The Hummer’s fenders already swallow 37×12.5-inch tires, too, an impressive feat even for today’s bloated pickups.

Is this H1 camper a rock crawler worthy of the Rubicon trail? Only if you’re bold—but for overlanding through public lands, this build is nearly perfect, since the H1 was designed from the get-go to travel off-road with heavy payloads.

Cars and Bids
2000 Hummer H1 camper underside
Cars and Bids

This particular unit was built after the H1 was damaged in a roll-over accident. Back in working order, and with a 60-gallon diesel tank, the turbocharged 6.5-liter V-8 promises a healthy amount of range. We’d venture that 500 or 600 miles is well within range for this moving command post, which also carries 35 gallons of fresh water and 5 gallons of propane on board. The truck’s been owned for 18 years by the same person, with service records to show for it, and shows a mere 57,700 miles.

2000 Hummer H1 camper rear three-quarter
Cars and Bids

Given that it was a standard ol’ Hummer H1, not the LBZ Duramax-powered Alpha, the winning bid of $36,500 falls in the low end of our observed public sale values, which range from $35,000 to $50,000—but for whoever scored the winning bid, this might just be the most cost-effective way to escape society.

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