Stockpile of over 30 Pontiac Trans Ams up for grabs in Iowa

VanDerBrink Auctions

VanDerBrink Auctions is hosting a massive collection of mostly Pontiac Firebirds, including more than 30 Trans Ams, at an online and in-person sale taking place in Waverly, Iowa, on August 5. The auction also boasts a pair of 1969 Camaro projects, some G-bodies, a few third- and fourth-generation F-bodies, and some trucks and farm equipment. However, the main attraction is clearly the abundance of second-generation Trans Ams with their decals and shaker-scoops.

VanDerBrink Auctions

The collection boasts nearly one of every year of second-generation Firebird production, with multiple copies of several years, with an even dozen 1979 models and ten 1981 models, with some of the best preserved of the bunch being Turbo Trans Ams. Two of the 1980 Turbo Trans Ams are Indy pace car editions, while a pair of the similarly equipped 1981 Turbo Trans Ams are NASCAR editions, which are also a relatively rare find, with just 2000 produced.

Plenty of the cars are rough and in need of serious, subframe-off restoration, as the worst examples do have rust damage, and the photos don’t sugarcoat it. Many of these cars will take major investments, while others, like the aforementioned Turbo Trans Ams, need more of a cosmetic freshening and mechanical once-over.

VanDerBrink Auctions

The collection has something for just about every second-gen Firebird fan, although the early models are less represented than the quad-headlight style popularized by Smokey and the Bandit. Still, there are legit early Trans Ams, including a 1970 Ram Air III, as well as a 1973 Super Duty clone. Fans of Formulas and Esprits will also be interested.

VanDerBrink Auctions

Our favorite might be the 1973 SD 455 clone, currently painted white, which was originally Brewster Green. We’d love to see this four-speed, 455-powered car returned to its original color, as we’re sure that many of the Firebirds, stored for years, will be making their way back onto the street where they belong. If any Hagerty readers happen to nab one of these ’70s beauties, be sure to drop us a line and keep us posted. Happy bidding!




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    About those 79-82 Firebirds.
    I was around when that facelift was done.
    Some friends bought a ’79 Trans Am.
    I however, was not imprrssed, but I realized the ten year old design needed another facelift.

    But in light of today’s market of “theyalllookthesame” mini SUVs, I have come to appreciate them more.
    In other words, they’re so bad, they’re good.

    I bought a ‘78 Esprit, black w/tan velour interior, drilled aluminum 3-spoke steering wheel and the analog gauge package (but not the turned aluminum dash, sadly). Had the 3.8L/231 CID V6, 3-speed on the floor (OEM clutch was a bear!). Combined with the 6” chicken decal in the center of the rear lip spoiler and body-color mudguards at the rear of each wheel opening, it almost had the TransAm look, which was just fine for a guy starting a family on a teacher’s salary. I LOVED THAT CAR. Was at the dealer for service when the ‘79s were being delivered; I walked into the showroom and asked my salesman, “Why did they RUIN it?” His reply: “ Well, it isn’t THAT bad!”

    Not sure about SUVs anymore, but I have noticed everything from a Porsche to Audi looks like a Taurus the past 15 years.

    I suppose I should feel fortunate that I only had one car to sell after my mother passed 3 years ago. And my sisters and I didn’t argue over who got what. This does not look like fun for that family. Hope they all get along and have help with the estate.

    Brandon requires a brief training session, into WHAT WE ARE ALL LOOKING FOR!! He needs a teacher! And, someone with real automotive experience to explain to him the importance of Correct years, options and originality. Correct numbered specimens. Jeff R is correct. Without the correct info, could be a great waste of time….We’re all looking for the Diamond in a pile of Coal…SD-455 My Bird of Choice!

    David, I think you need a brief training session. A teacher really! Someone with real reading experience to help you understand that the author of this story found an interesting auction and shared a few of the highlights as identified by the auction company (VanDerBrink Auctions, who is notoriously terrible at ID or sharing information on the vehicles and equipment it consigns.) Brandon didn’t go and look at these cars. Brandon is plenty knowledgeable, just click on his name at the top and read some of his other work. He isn’t some all knowing-Pontiac savant who can see VINs and data plates that the auction company doesn’t show. At least criticize the right people ya dingus.

    Also, if this article called out that these were diamonds they would no longer be in piles of coal and therefore priced appropriately. If you want to find the diamond in the coal you are going to have to dig through some coal. Brandon showed you were the coal is and you complain?

    Wow is it to much to ask the auction company to get the Model year correct? The 68 Firebird must have had extensive bodywork done to it before it was left outside to rot. It sure looks like a 69 to my eyes, and the silver 79 T/A that has a Formula hood, and graphic’s and says Formula on it it about 10 places.
    And why do they say the 2 white 73 T/A’s are SD Clones? I don’t see any mention of SD 455’s being installed in them, I see the one with the screaming chicken on the hood has SD decals on the shaker, so I guess that is why they both are SD clones?
    I think I will pass.

    Thanks for posting it though

    The pile of Turbo T/A’s makes sense seeing that they are the least desirable. Those cars actually ran better with the turbo bypassed.

    Yawn. The Generals hot rods were in a pretty sorry state when these jewels were minted. Mostly decaled smog motor snoresville vehicles. I have driven many of the listed years/others and the only thing that ever raised my BP was the 1968 OHC stick I drove. I think Jay Leno has one …. Norwood nor Van Nys were ever known for good build quality as I personally knew Norwood guys who drank and gambled while at the line. They should of stuck to school buses at that plant. Still cool when anyone gets passionate about anything ……these days.

    My Trans Am is missing, my Trans Am is missing, I guess, no more kissing, the girl who loved my car…

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