Jimmy Buffett’s Personal Falcon Convertible Is Ready for Beach Duty

GAA Classic Cars

The world lost a musical great last year when Jimmy Buffett passed away at the age of 76. While he was known for songs about a laid-back life on the water, he was also a big fan of cars and pickups. One piece of his fun car collection is currently up for bid on GAA Classic Cars. Buffett’s 1963 Ford Falcon Sprint convertible looks ready for top-down summer cruising and features some interesting modifications.

GAA Classic Cars

When it was purchased in 2002, the Falcon reportedly had just 8578 miles on the odometer. In the 20 years since, it has racked up only 3300 more. The listing doesn’t specify, but we assume that with that mileage the engine is the original 260 that came with the car when new. The Falcon was not offered with any rowdy powerplants in 1963; those would come later as the 289 debuted for 1964.

The small-block convertible was hot-rodded by Buffett, who added a four-barrel intake and a matching Holley carb for a bit more power. The most noticeable addition to the car is a roll bar that serves as a surfboard rack, proving that you don’t need a surf wagon, or even a hardtop, to bring your board to the beach. On that subject, a board is included in the sale, as pictured on the car. We sort of expected Buffet to be a long-board guy, so maybe we shouldn’t have judged a surfer by his chill beach music. Buffett also added a sound system, with a trunk-mounted amplifier and subwoofer. A Fender Squier Stratocaster with Buffet’s autograph is also a part of the auction.

GAA Classic Cars

A look at the Hagerty Price Guide shows 1963 Ford Falcon Sprint Convertible prices down just a bit over the year, with a #2 (Excellent) condition worth $27,800 currently. That said, this car’s provenance should come into play. We asked valuation specialist and Hagerty Price Guide Publisher Dave Kinney to weigh in. “Jimmy Buffett might not be remembered as a car guy in the same vein as Paul Newman or other celebrities, but he was, through and through,” Kinney said. “That, and since Parrotheads are an enthusiastic bunch, I expect bidding for Buffett’s Falcon is likely to go well above its condition value.”

This well-kept convertible seems to be ready for another surf-loving owner, and we hope it goes to one of Buffett’s many fans who will appreciate it, as we’re sure he would have wanted. We fully expect the custom stereo system to be put to proper use playing Buffett’s expansive catalog of albums.



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    Not to be critical..or speak ill of the..but to do just that. This aftermarket wheel might work on a replica Cobra but is out of character here. The rear fender skirts more so. The 66 GT 350- ish tach mounted to the dash is sagging and you kinda want to tilt them slightly to the left anyway. The roll bar ( surf board rack ) looks as though it was part of a kids swing set that was heading for the trash heap. Personally I’d rather a 64 Sprint or Comet Caliente convertible with a warmed over old school build cast iron head 289. If I was looking for a surf board, guitar, transport a Falcon Squire ( with the original style A.C. , this one looks later added ) or perhaps one of the rare two door versions. Maybe this Falcon will sell at a premium because of it’s ownership, but I wouldn’t pay the extra based on that.

    This car was likely saved from scrap. Jimmy would rake cars that needed work and fix them up as he wanted them.

    This was not made to be a pebble beach car. It was likely a best around the keys car.

    I do not expect Jimmys ownership will add much.

    I had a ’63 Fairlane with the 260 engine. Whatever is in this car, it’s likely not a 1963 engine. The distributor is a style Ford used in the ’70s and I believe the later units won’t fit the earlier engines. The alternator is also later (the ’63 engines had generators). Someone probably replaced the engine with a later one that had hardened valve seats.

    I would bet the odometer has turned over. I agree with hyperv6 that it was probably saved from the scrap pile.

    Picky picky. We’re not talking about a ’64 Ferrari here guys. A warmed over TO THE OWNERS LIKING Falcon is a nice driver by the looks of it. And sorry, hyperv6, but I bet some parrot head out there will pay a premium just to have Jimmys old car. And is there ANYTHING you don’t find something to complain about or think you know more than everybody else about!!

    Some folks are missing the point here. It’s JIMMY BUFFETT’s car. That’s what will drive the cost up. The signed Stratocaster and surfboard will certainly help.

    I like the car as will a ton of other Parrotheads. Who gives a flip is the engine is not original to the car or if there is a rollbar that looks like it came from a kids swing set? Likewise for the tach, wheelcovers, and fenderskirts. It’s a good ride. If it was mine, I’d jam Jimmy’s last album, Equal Strain on All Parts into the CD, lay the top back, crank up the volume, and hit A1A to the Keys. You’re never too old to be a Pirate be it on the sea or the highway.

    The auction will be a madhouse (in my opinion)! I live only 1 1/2 hrs away and would love to go as a spectator if I could but have previous plans. Jimmy’s ownership won’t add much? HUH? Are you kidding?

    There will be a bidding war on this vehicle. Probably from Parrotheads in The Villages or Margaritaville in FL. Guaranteed.

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