Is this Batmobile replica worth $300K? We’re about to find out

Mecum/David Jones

Eight years ago, the iconic Batmobile that George Barris built for the 1966–68 Batman television series sold at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale for an astounding $4.62M. When it comes to replicas, Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell put it best: “There ain’t nothin’ like the real thing, baby.”

Even the best Batmobile dupes can be had for a fraction of the cost of the real-deal Barris Kustoms creation. The most ever paid for a replica was $195,250 for a highly detailed build based on a 1978 Lincoln Continental and was offered at Mecum’s 2018 Harrisburg auction. That record price may soon be broken, or at least Mecum thinks so anyway. The auction house placed a $300K–$350K estimate on a 1977 Lincoln Batmobile replica that’s headed to next month’s Kissimmee Auction.

1977 Lincoln Batmobile Replica rear three-quarter
Mecum/David Jones

Why such a high estimate for a replica? We aren’t sure, so we asked. We haven’t heard back yet, but we’re guessing that for that kind of coin, this must be the greatest Batmobile replica ever created. The car—one of 14 vehicles on offer from the Paul Mazze Sr. Collection, which also includes a Batcycle replica—will roll across the Kissimmee stage on Friday, January 14.

1977 Lincoln Batmobile Replica interior passenger
Mecum/David Jones

Signed on the “Radar Antler” by TV’s Batman (Adam West) and Robin (Burt Ward), the replica is “finely crafted with extensive research to ensure the best build possible.” It’s about as fresh as it can be too, having never been driven or displayed. Powered by a 460-cubic-inch V-8 engine with four-barrel carb and automatic transmission, the body of the car consists of hand-laid Vinylester and Epoxy resin fiberglass fused onto a full steel tube support structure, including front and rear bumper cages, hood, and trunk lids. It also has steel sheet-metal door frames, inner quarter panels, hinge and striker pillars, and drip rails surrounding the cockpit.

1977 Lincoln Batmobile Replica engine
Mecum/David Jones

Now for the cool Batman stuff. The car features dual Deist parachutes with period-correct logo; functional EMS siren, PA, and emergency lighting; functional propane-fired “Turbine” exhaust flame out back; Detect-A-Scope and all Studio props, exactly replicated from early photographs; an iconic half-circle steering wheel; stainless steel custom-crafted canopy window frames; period-correct Radir-styled wheels with Bat logo spinners; one-of-a-kind automated roll top dash doors; and House of Kolor black paint with neon red striping.

1977 Lincoln Batmobile Replica interior driver
Mecum/David Jones

Several months ago, noted car designer Frank Stephenson spoke about the evolution of the Batmobile on his YouTube channel. Let’s just say he wasn’t impressed with the TV version of the car, which was an aggressive re-think of the 1955 Lincoln Futura. We get it; the later movie versions are tougher and cooler, but there’s just one OG, and it’s the Barris beast. With that said, does a replica exist that’s worth $300K or more? We’ll find out in January.

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    Be great if the author put more thought into this than a Twitter post. All the batmobiles have been a disappointment except for the og Barris.

    Our local SoCal Batman ( Valley Center CA) is the real deal with his terrific costumes and replica Batmobile built by himself and a friend. A celebrity at fund raisers all over San Diego County, on his own dime. No one cares if the car is not perfect. He really shows the spirit of a REAL Super hero.

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