Ferry Porsche’s Jaguar is up for auction (yes, we said Ferry Porsche’s Jaguar)

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Ferdinand Porsche Owned Jaguar XJ6 - front end
catawiki/Sky Automobile

This car comes with an odd story, a fascinating mystery. Not the model, which is relatively ordinary, but the questions behind its original purchase. A 1976 Jaguar XJ6 formally owned by Ferdinand “Ferry” Porsche is up for auction. You read that correctly: Ferry Porsche drove a Jag.

Beyond the obvious question (why a Jaguar?), what made the XJ6 appealing to the former Porsche boss? Since Porsche didn’t make a four-door sedan, did Ferry want something roomier? We don’t have a clue. One thing is certain: The man could buy whatever he wanted, and he bought an XJ6, so clearly he appreciated it.

Beyond Ferry’s ownership, however, this car has some familiar XJ6 problems and a lot of miles on the clock. Essentially, it’s a barn find that will require a lot of attention to get it roadworthy again. The Jag is being auctioned through Netherlands-based Catawiki—on behalf of Germany’s Sky Automobile—and bidding has reached €3500 ($4154) with four days remaining. Sky Automobile is simultaneously advertising the car for €37,850 ($50,151).

Ferdinand Porsche Owned Jaguar XJ6 - rear end
catawiki/Sky Automobile

“Sounds like it’s in the same condition as most XJs of this era—rough,” says Hagerty auction editor Andrew Newton. “The [Ferry] Porsche ownership history is a neat add that should attract some extra attention, but that doesn’t make it a high-dollar collectible. Obviously, a Porsche owned by a Porsche would be a lot more noteworthy.”

The XJ6 is in Eschweiler, Germany, but it has an Austrian registration, which makes sense; Ferry Porsche maintained both German and Austrian citizenship. According to the seller, the Jaguar was registered to Ferry’s Austrian address—the “Heuberg Castle,” owned by the Porsche family. The Jaguar was later passed on to an equally affluent Austrian owner and registered to an address in Zell am See, located 142 kilometers (88 miles) east of Innsbruck. In 2004, the Jaguar was de-registered.

“Due to its service life, a careful start attempt is required,” the Catawiki description reads. “In addition, age-related flaws are present, such as pronounced corrosion of the underbody, various rust bubbles, hanging roof liner in places, traces of wear and patina.” Plus, the XJ6 has 364,698 kilometers (226,613 miles) on the clock.

The car is powered by a 4.2-liter straight-six that produces 162 horsepower and is mated to a three-speed automatic transmission.

Jaguar XJ6s (along with their XJ12 cousins) generally fall into the used-car basement, with values between $5700–$10,000, depending on condition. Evidently, Ferry Porsche thought a lot more highly of them—but we may never know why.

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