985-mile S2000 CR shatters auction record with six-figure sale

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Remember when Johnny Tran invested $100,000 under the hood of his S2000 for Race Wars? Back in 2001, that seemed like a lot of money to put in this little Honda two-door. Not after today when someone just spent that figure plus $17,111 for a stock S2000 CR on Bring a Trailer.

That’s right. A 985-mile S2000 CR just sold for a record-setting $117,111 (including buyer’s fees). This result has us as stunned as Jesse after he lost his dad’s Jetta to Johnny Tran, so let’s dive into the sale.

For starters, what is an S2000 CR and why is it special? The standard S2000 is already an uncompromising design. The tight chassis and high-revving engine beg you to drive it hard at all times; but, for Honda, that wasn’t hardcore enough. The Club Racer (CR) model arrived for the 2008 model year, turning the S2000 into a track-oriented weapon.

Honda s2000 cr engine
Bring a Trailer

Rather than simply throw copious amounts of power at the situation, Honda further refined the car’s chassis and added an aero package to create the CR. Upgrades included tauter suspension, stickier Bridgestone Potenza RE070 tires, and a quicker steering ratio. Engineers slashed 100 pounds from the base model by eliminating the soft top completely and making the radio and air conditioning optional. The CR’s improved body kit and a rear wing combined to provide 70 percent more downforce compared to the standard S2000. Power remained the same as the base model, but remember, raw grunt doesn’t reduce track times as effectively as reduced weight and an increased ability to grip the tarmac.

With a total U.S. production of the CR capped at 699 cars in 2008–09, these are uncommon finds. Also, with 985 miles, this example has unusually low use for a motorsports-focused car. The condition is like new, which is impressive for a 12-year-old car. This car’s flawless condition, coupled with the fact that only 31 S2000 CRs were sold in 2009, must have contributed to the eye-watering price.

The fact that this CR was offered on Bring a Trailer likely helped, too. In recent years, Bring a Trailer has amassed the ability to curate exceptional, low-mileage cars and attract bidders willing to step up and pay whatever it takes. That’s pretty much what happened here. Three bidders didn’t throw caution to the wind—they hurled it to the sky, bidding at levels that provoked incredulity even from BaT commenters. Twenty minutes after the auction was scheduled to close, the bloodbath finally ended.

Did your S2000 just get a lot more expensive? Hold on Junior, it doesn’t work that way. This price is highly unlikely to be repeated in the near future and should absolutely be treated as an outlier. What this sale does demonstrate, though, is that the S2000 is more than just a run-of-the-mill Honda; it is a serious sports car for serious collectors.

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