Will you help this 1968 Firebird fly the coop?

Good intentions can sometimes be the seed of big trouble, and it likely was from that starting point that an innocent 1968 Pontiac Firebird was trapped in a coop for the last 26 years. Now it’s ready to fly and is listed on eBay with no reserve.

We first spotted this cooped up ‘Bird over on Barnfinds.com. While brief, the listing describes a car that needs more than a little love. After spending the last quarter-century on wheel dollies, this Firebird needs both parts replacement and repair. The seller states the floors and trunk pan will require patch panels, and a transmission will need to be sourced.  Rust shows on the exterior, along with dents and scrapes that will take some not-insignificant metalwork to undo.

Production numbers point to just under 17,000 convertible Firebirds for 1968, so one could reasonably argue this is a rare find. The original 350 engine is MIA, or possibly disassembled and “scattered,” which explains the lack of under-hood photo. A similar-year Catalina 400-cubic-inch engine is mentioned in the listing, but it’s not clear if it is included with the sale or not. The black interior appears reasonably complete, albeit well worn.

The future owner will need a lot of patience, heart, mechanical ability, or strength of wallet, but with the right pieces this Firebird could fly the coop and spread its wings once more.

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