eBay Find of the Week: 1954 Buick Super Riviera coupe

It’s auction week in Arizona, but the Internet keeps throwing us more automotive temptations. While Hagerty has dozens of team members focused on watching and documenting the big sales in Scottsdale and Phoenix, some of us avowed bottom-feeders are looking online for some local bargains.

How about some early 1950s American iron, in the form of this 1954 Buick Super Riviera coupe?

For Snow Belt residents, the promise of rust-free Arizona cars—and this one is in Scottsdale—sometimes clouds our judgement. And there are some questions here. The seller implies that the Buick is a low-mile original car that had some mechanical reconditioning. However, the listing mentions a Hydramatic automatic rebuild, and 1954 Buicks were equipped with two-speed Dynaflow transmissions. It may just be a simple error. There is evidence of overspray in some of the photos, and while we don’t imagine original paint would have lasted this well in the Arizona sun, a better explanation of the recent restoration work is in order.

1954 Buick Super front
1954 Buick Super Nailhead engine

1954 Buick Super interior
1954 Buick Super profile

Nevertheless, this is a lot of car and a lot of eye candy for what amounts to #4 Hagerty Price Guide money, and it would surely be more fun than a rental car for the week.

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