This ’80s Olds limo is all about the “unexpected pleasure” of affordable luxury

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In 1988, Concept Coach Builders of Milwaukee made all sort of stretch jobs in the name of affordable luxury (and underseat briefcase storage solutions), including Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, Silver Spirit and Silver Spur conversions priced in the $125,000–150,000 range for the less budget-conscious. However, those with only $29,900 in their pocket could still call Scott Sampson at 414-273-2225 to order their very own custom-built Oldsmobile Delta 88 Limousine instead.

Sometimes called the Concept SL Limousine and also available in Buick La Sabre form, these aftermarket GM limos came with a long list of standard premium features, including the longest “stock” rear doors you could wish for (sourced from the coupe), plush velour bench seating for six, a “stereophonic” Sony hi-fi system, heavy-duty suspension, A/C and heating, plus GM’s full factory warranty. On top of enhanced profits, the Concept SL Limousine stood for ultimate satisfaction. Concept Coach Builders of Milwaukee just wouldn’t have it any other way.

Flickr / Alden Jewell
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