Seventy years ago, you’d pick up your Porsche just outside the factory

Delivered at the main factory in Zuffenhausen, the “Werk 1” Porsche Taycan, a 4S in Carmine Red, went to a certain Florian Böhme on his 43rd birthday. Factory delivery is much of a special occasion in 2020 as ever, since the opportunity has been open to Porsche customers for seven decades now. However, from 1950 until well into the ’70s, the handover took place right outside the factory, often with a glass of bubbly at hand.

On 26 May 1950, the first Porsche went to Ottomar Domnick, along with plenty of handshakes. The doctor and arts patron drove away in a 356, and the rest is history. However, proving that this pickup method remained popular even long after Porsche got plenty of dealers all across the globe, last year 2500 customers picked up their cars from Zuffenhausen, meaning that up to 20 people took this special journey each day. For the last eighteen years, Porsche Leipzig has also offered collection from the factory, leading to approximately 3000 handovers there annually. Porsche makes its Cayenne and Panamera models in Leipzig.

werk 1 porsche taycan 4s in carmine red and owner florian bohme

With its first BEV, Porsche talks about charging options instead of oil change intervals during the handover, but the experience remains largely the same. You get your new Porsche right from the core.

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