This Week in Automotive History: Nov. 19-Nov. 25

Nov. 19, 1993

Toyota Cavalier Announced
: Toyota and General Motors sign an agreement to offer the Chevy Cavalier in Japan, where it is sold as a Toyota.

Nov. 20, 1907

McLaughlin Motor Car Company Formed
: Sam McLaughlin takes his Ontario company into the production of automobiles, and for his time the cars his company built were known as McLughlin-Buicks. Ultimately, his company was merged into General Motors of Canada.

Nov. 21, 1970

A New Boss Comes to Town: Ford Motor Company introduces the Boss 351 at the Detroit Auto Show.

Nov. 22, 1893

Harley Earl Born: The future GM Styling chief is born in California. He ultimately shaped the role of design in the modern automobile company.

Nov. 23, 1897


Olds Receives Patent: Ransome E. Olds receives a patent for a “Motor-Carriage” to be powered by a gasoline engine.

Nov. 24, 1900

First Pierce-Arrow Driven: Powered by a modified deDion engine, the first Pierce-Arrow automobile — later called the “Motorette” — is driven through the streets of Buffalo.

Nov. 25, 1960

Sunday Gasoline Sales Banned: To dramatically reduce fuel consumption during the first oil crisis, President Nixon proposes a moratorium on Sunday gasoline sales.

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