This Week in Automotive History: Nov. 26-Dec. 2

Nov. 26, 1927


Ford Introduces the Model T’s Replacement: In the days of Ford’s one model policy, The Model A is announced as the company’s new standard bearer. Just as sturdy, but more powerful and with a conventional manual transmission, the Model A is an immediate success. 

Nov. 27, 2007


Helio Castroneves Wins Big: Best known as a three-time Indianapolis 500 champion, the popular Indy Car driver is the season five winner of “Dancing With the Stars.”

Nov. 28, 1895


Chicago Times Herald Race: J. Frank Duryea drives a car of his own manufacture to win the newspaper-sponsored race from Chicago to Waukegan.

Nov. 29, 1910


Street Traffic System Patented: Ernest E. Sirrine of Chicago patents what would be the first iteration of a traffic light.

Nov. 30, 1960


First Scout Completed: International Harvester’s first Scout utility vehicle rolls out of the company’s Fort Wayne plant.

Dec. 1, 1928


New York Car Show Hosts Duesenberg Debut: For his new flagship model, the Model J Duesenberg, E.L. Cord wanted a big and powerful chassis suited for fine coachwork and able to take on the world’s greatest cars, such as Hispano-Suiza and Mercedes-Benz. With the Fred Duesenberg-designed Model J, his wishes were answered.

Dec. 2, 1902


First Running V-8 Patented: French engine designer Leon-Marie-Joseph-Clement Levavasseur successfully patents his running V-8 engine.

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