This Week in Automotive History: Mar 17-Mar 23

March 17, 1834


Gottlieb Daimler born: Engineer, industrial designer and industrialist Gottlieb Daimler is born in Germany. Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach founded the Daimler Motors Corporation in 1890.

March 18, 1923


Anthony Granatelli born: Anthony “Andy” Granatelli, CEO of STP motor oil company and a major figure in automobile racing events, is born in Dallas, Texas.

March 19, 1964


Shooting begins on “Goldfinger”: Sean Connery begins shooting the James Bond thriller, “Goldfinger,” which famously features a 1963 Aston Martin DB5.

March 20, 1930


Clessie Cummins sets speed record: Cummins Engine Co., Inc. founder Clessie Cummins sets a new diesel engine speed record of 80.3 mph.

March 21, 1960


Ayrton Senna is born: Three-time Formula One world champion Aryton Senna da Silva is born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Senna was killed in an accident while leading the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix, the last driver fatality in Formula One.

March 22, 1946


Up, up and away: A U.S. rocket leaves Earth’s atmosphere for the first time, going 50 miles up.

March 23, 1903


Wright brothers attempt to patent their invention: The Wright brothers apply for a patent for a “Flying Machine.”

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