This Week in Automotive History: July 23-July 29

July 23, 1903


First Ford Sold: The first Ford, a twin-cylinder Model A, is sold to Dr. Ernst Pfenning of Chicago.

July 24, 1910


A.L.F.A. Founded: A.L.F.A. (Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili) is founded in Milan, Italy. The company would become Alfa Romeo 10 years later.

July 25, 1945


Kaiser-Frazer Partnership Announced: Henry Kaiser and Joseph Frazer announce plans to form corporation to manufacturer automobiles. Kaiser-Frazer was the only new U.S. automaker to achieve success immediately following WWII, though only for a few years.

July 26, 1903


First Continental Crossing by Car: Horatio Nelson Jackson, a physician and automobile pioneer, and Sewall H. Crocker arrive in New York, successfully completing the first continental crossing by car, a journey prompted by a  $50 bet to determine whether a car could successfully be driven across the U.S.

July 27, 1888


Electric Tricycle Demonstration: Philip W. Pratt demonstrates an electric tricycle in Boston.

July 28, 1935


Italian Wins German Grand Prix: Tazio Nuvolari wins the German Grand Prix in a seriously overmatched and underpowered Alfa Romeo, beating Hans Stuck in an Auto Union. 

July 29, 1909


Buick Acquires Cadillac: Buick motor Company acquires Cadillac on behalf of GM for $4.5 million.

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