This Week in Automotive History: July 16-July 22

July 16, 1935


First Parking Meter: The world’s first parking meter was installed in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

July 17, 1923


Lincoln Trademark Registered: Little more than a year after buying the firm, Ford Motor Company registers The Lincoln Motorcar Company trademark.

July 18, 1911


Terminal Clamp Patented: James D. Robinson of Toledo is granted a patent for a terminal clamp, which is assigned to the Champion Spark Plug Company.

July 19, 1942


Black Educator Visits Ford: George Washington Carver of the Tuskegee Institute visits the Ford Motor Company in Dearborn as the guest of Henry Ford.

July 20, 1972


Ralph Nader Refuted: The National Highway Traffic Administration releases a study concluding that cars build during the period of 1960-1963 are no less safe than comparable cars of other periods, thus contradicting safety advocate Ralph Nader.

July 21, 1904


First Car to Top 100 mph: In Ostend, Belgium, Lous Rigolly drives a 15-liter Gobron-Brillie to a speed of 103.56 mph, thus making it the first car to better 100 mph.

July 22, 1908


Fisher Body Company Founded: Brothers Frederic and Charles Fisher establish the Fisher Body Company in Detroit. It would later become GM’s body division.

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