This Week in Automotive History: Aug. 27-Sept. 2

Aug. 27, 1904


First Jail Sentence for Speeding: Rhode Island judge, Darius Baker, hands down the first jail sentence (five days) for speeding to a man who was driving over the legal speed in Newport, R.I. 

Aug. 28, 2008


Phil Hill Dies: Racing driver Phil Hill, the first American to win the Formula 1 World Championship (1961), passes away. Hill also won LeMans three times.

Aug. 29, 1876


Charles Kettering Born: Charles F. Kettering, known as Boss Ket, is born. The prolific inventor and businessman would co-found Delco and become head of research at GM from 1920-1947. He would also be responsible for the self starter, first fitted to a Cadillac in 1912.

Aug. 30, 1899


Ford Patents Carburetor: Henry Ford receives a patent for a carburetor especially designed for use in connection with gas or vapor engines.

Aug. 31, 1899


First Automobile Climbs Mt. Washington: Driving a steam-powered Locomobile, F.O. Stanley and his wife Flora climb Mt. Washington in 2 hours and 10 minutes. The Ascent to the Clouds hill climb would first run in 1904.

Sept. 1, 1950


Porsche Returns to Zuffenhausen: Porsche relocates production of its 356 sports car from Gmünd, Austria, to Zuffenhausen Germany, where it remains today. 

Sept. 2, 1959


Ford Falcon Introduced: Acknowledging demand for smaller less-expensive cars, Ford introduces its new compact Falcon, which would be a mainstay of the company’s new car line until it was discontinued in 1970.

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