Wrenching, driving or drinking?

Question of the Week 2-15-16

After spending 13 years in the warm, blissful Los Angeles sun, I moved to Traverse City, Mich., to write and edit for Hagerty, a company I’ve long admired. But after about one month, I’m beginning to lose my sanity because of the weather. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the cold and I love snow—but I can’t take my cars out to play due to the snow and ice. And I can’t sit in front of the TV or read for hours on end; I get stir crazy. So what do Gearheads do in cold weather climes?

I realize how ridiculous this question sounds, but in L.A. I was out driving the canyons or hitting a cars & coffee every single weekend. The sticky summer tires never came off, everything was rear-wheel drive and the only limiting factor, traffic, was a non-issue on the mountain passes I stalked.

What to do? Should I get something to wrench on, should I buy an AWD rally monster and “damn the torpedoes” (although rust is a worry), or should I just start drinking heavily? Heck, maybe it’s as simple as finding some buddies with whom to watch racing.

So we’d like to know: What gets you through those never-ending winter days?

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