What’s your favorite vintage wagon?

We recently visited the Hot Rod Power Tour and came back with a renewed appreciation for wagons. They’re roomier and often have better lines than a sedan, plus many of them feature unique taillights or trim that make them stand out. Wagons have long had a cult following, and you can count several members of the Hagerty staff among the long-roof-loving zealots.

The utility of a wagon makes it the natural choice for a family road trip. You can stow your crew, their gear, and of course a big cooler filled to the brim with drinks and snacks. That explains why we noticed so many on Power Tour. There were two-door Chevelle wagons, Nomads, Vista Cruisers, Roadmasters, Edsel Villagers, and a whole lot from underdog AMC with Hornet, Rebel, and Eagle wagons all represented. We even spotted an LS-swapped BMW 3 Series wagon.

Are one of those aforementioned classic long-roofs your wagon of choice, or are you a fan of late-model muscle like the CTS-V wagon or Jaguar Sportbrake? A Citroen DS perhaps? How about a Volvo Amazon or a VW Squareback? Let us know your favorite wagon. Even though we all know the correct answer is 1957 Pontiac Safari, we’d love to hear your opinion.

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