What Retro Icon Do You Want Back?

What retro icon would you want back? And, never wavering at any time, the #1 choice was the drive-in at 69%. So what’s so special about this favorite flick spot? Perhaps it’s the feeling of being in your own space – you can talk freely, use the cell phone, get up to use the restroom or get refreshments without bothering the person in back of or next to you.

Here’s what a few respondents had to say:

 “Best place to take a date that was ever invented.”

 “The drive-in is a very good trip down memory lane.” More than a few people wrote in to say that it was the memories that brought them to choose the drive-in.

 “Nothing like the safety of your own sweet ride – no sticky floors!”

And another sadly states: I am 40 years old and I have never had the experience of driving my own car to a drive-in movie. I feel I really missed out.

The diner was #2 with 15%, and the ole time filling station followed with 11%. Some fun icons that weren’t on the list included: Drive-in burger stands, car hops on roller skates, and open space and farms.

And this is one that we all would probably like: It would be nice to have someone come out in the bad weather, fill up your car and bring you the gallon of milk you need. Maybe on roller skates!

Take a look at “Where Have All the Drive-Ins Gone?” to see a list of some around the States.


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