Ford Thunderbird Insurance

The 11th generation of the Ford Thunderbird (2002-2005) isn’t just a 10-year-old used car to us — it’s a modern classic! How do you know if you have the right policy and coverage when it comes to Thunderbird insurance? Hagerty provides guaranteed value™ coverage, which means we work with you to agree on a fair value to insure your Thunderbird for and in the event of a covered total loss, Hagerty pays that amount guaranteed. This is a very important policy feature if you’ve invested money into your Thunderbird like most owners have, a standard insurance carrier may only pay you the book value which could amount to a lot less than what your Thunderbird is actually worth.

The 2002-2005 Thunderbird was initially well received, garnering accolades like the Motor Trend Car of the Year and a nomination for the North American Car of the Year in its first year of existence, but in the next few years that sentiment changed and many didn’t exactly embrace the Ford Thunderbird’s revival. However, recently the new generation of the Ford Thunderbird has enjoyed a bit of a resurgence in the collector car market given its low production numbers and reasonable price tag. But, since they are a newer vehicle, insurance can be expensive and you may be charged as if the vehicle is driven daily due to its modern upgrades and age. At Hagerty we understand that the new generation of T-birds are limited production, potentially high-value future collector vehicles and will be treated as such. So, we are able to offer low annual premiums on a full coverage policy that can save you money in the long run, but how? It’s about how the car is used. We know that your Thunderbird is a prized possession that will be used sparingly and with great caution, like any other collector car — old or new.

At Hagerty, we only insure classic cars, which means we have experts on staff with unique car knowledge. This allows you to tailor your Thunderbird insurance policy with additional coverage options to fit how you use the car and exceed your expectations of what an insurance company should provide. In the unfortunate event of a claim we allow you to choose the repair shop or we’ll even pay you to do the work if you want to take on a project. Thunderbirds were made to be driven and our policy allows flexible usage, so whether you’re going to a car show or just taking it for a cruise, Hagerty is here to make sure you and your Thunderbird are protected with best coverage money can buy.

All coverage not available in all states. This is only a general description of coverage. All coverage is subject to policy provisions, exclusions and endorsements.

**Any deductible and/or salvage value if retained by you will be subtracted from the total amount paid.

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